Electronic Drums For Beginners: How To Decide On The Correct Electronic Drum Set For You?

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If you’re interested in picking up the drums, then you may have been looking at an electronic drum set for beginners and wondering if it would be a better choice for you than a regular acoustic drum that would be.

 If you have been asking yourself this question, then you are in the right place. There are many reasons that people consider switching, but we believe that it is important to break it all down for you right here.

By the end of this article, you should feel confident in your ability to differentiate between the best qualities of an electronic drum set and an acoustic drum set, and you should feel more comfortable deciding which one would be the better option for you.

Top Factors To Consider When Considering Purchasing A New Electronic Drum Kit 

There are many factors that you can consider whatever you are trying to decide whether or not you would like to play with an electronic drum set or with an acoustic drum set. Depending on your personal preferences, the options that would make the most sense for your personal playing sty will differ.

The following factors will be a good starting point for you to decide which ones would be the better option for you.

 How Comfortable Does It Feel To Play? 

When you sit on down to play the drums, it does not take long for you to determine how easy it is to play on it and how comfortable it feels while you are playing on it. If you sit down and an electronic drum kit and you feel uncomfortable, then you probably should not consider buying that one.

 You will not likely play it often if it is not comfortable for you to sit down at it while you were playing.

 How Affordable Is It? 

One more factor that many people fail to keep in mind until they are at the cash register is the cost of the products they are considering.

There are some electronic drum kits that can cost quite a bit of money (check out the price Yamaha drum set here), and unless you are ready to pay for them, then you may not want to even consider looking at them, so you do not tempt yourself.

 Decide before you look at all of the different options that are available what kind of budget you are comfortable spending.

 What Are The Main Benefits Of An Electronic Drum Kit 

There are many potential benefits to playing with an electronic drum kit, especially when you compare them to an acoustic drum kit. One of the primary benefits is the ability for you to control exactly how loud it is whenever you are practicing.

When you have an acoustic drum set, it’s difficult for you to practice without bothering other people because it is impossible, or at least almost impossible, to reduce the sound that the drums make when you are practicing.

This means that every time you practice, it’s like having a full volume concert inside of the home, and few people are comfortable living through such commotion.

 What Are Some Potential Drawbacks Of An Electronic Drum Kit 

Depending on the quality of the electronic drum kit that you purchase, you could potentially face several different drawbacks when you consider how they are in comparison to acoustic drum sets. Many professional drummers report that they do not feel as satisfied with the feedback they get from the drum set itself when they strike it with their drumsticks.

A regular acoustic drum set will give you more of a push back and essentially allow you to bounce your drumsticks off of the drum heads more easily. They are also more consistent at producing high-quality sound, which many musicians report is incomparable to the sound reproduced by an electronic set.

 How Do Electronic Drums Compare To Acoustic Drums? 

If you want to get into the specific details, it is possible to compare exactly the ways that electronic sets are different from acoustic sets.

Sound Presence: something that is immediately noticeable to most drummers who have never played with electronic drum set once they try one out is where the sound is coming from.

When you plan acoustic set, the sound will always come from right in front of him; however, if you are playing with an electronic set, then it will be coming from wherever the speakers are, which could be far away from you.

Sometimes drummers have difficulty switching to playing whenever they must listen for the sound of their music out of the speaker rather than out of the drums.


Many formats are able to play through several hundred notes per second; however, many musicians report that they feel a delay between the time that they strike the drum pads and the time they hear the sound.

Most of the time, this will be adjusted unconsciously, and within a little while, you will no longer even notice the latency.


The drum heads that are used with electronic drums feel much different than the ones used with acoustic drum sets and have different types of attacks, rebounds and stick response.

 This will require you to make manual adjustments so that your dynamics stay consistent when you switch from an electronic to an acoustic set and vice versa.

Dynamic Response:

Acoustic instruments are incredibly easy to change the dynamics of your playing. This has always been one of the main limitations associated with electronic drum sets. It’s much more difficult for you to control the dynamics of the sound and vary the volume of your playing throughout the song.

Many electronic sets will allow you to adjust both the sensitivity and the velocity curves of the drum pads response.

 Final Thoughts Concerning Electronic Drums for Beginners 

There are no reasons for you to feel hesitant about trying out this amazing hobby. If you are unfamiliar with how drums work, then you can always try to look online and learn how to from freely available online tutorials. Music is something that is inherent in the world and is a lot more natural than you might think it will be.

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