Course Syllabus

Physical Education for Diverse Learners

EDST 440 (Spring 2017; 32006) PE for Diverse Learner

03 Credits  Fridays 3:00-5:50

Edison Elementary School 1328 E. 22nd Ave.

Instructor: Frank James

Office Hours: After class and by appointment. Contact me anytime via email:

 Course Overview

    The purpose of this course is to prepare future classroom teachers to instruct quality physical education and physical activity classes based on the Spark Physical Education Program for Grades K-5. Students will develop a foundation by learning motor and movement progressions and social and personal skills appropriate to the diverse range of K-5 students.

    The focus will be on experiential learning. During class, students will actively participate, practice teaching, and observe and provide feedback to peers. Away from class, students will observe and participate in teaching Physical Education to K-5 students.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through increased understanding of various quantity and quality guidelines and parameters in physical education students will learn how to:

  • Organize and plan a program to effectively utilize existing facilities and equipment.
  • Create an environment where all students engage in safe, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate physical activity.
  • Develop knowledge and skills to engage students with diverse physical abilities and skill levels. Through the exposure to and practice of sound instructional methodology students will learn how to:
  • Instruct needed safety skills and habits.
  • Accommodate students with disabilities.
  • Foster enjoyment of physical education.
  • Improve children’s self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  • Develop competent movers and instruct useful, fitness-related skills,
  • Identify and practice nonverbal classroom management applicable to P.E. or a classroom setting.

A Well-Designed Physical Education Program:

  • Meets the needs of all students
  • Keeps students active for most of physical education class time;
  • Teaches self-management
  • Emphasizes knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity
  • Is an enjoyable experience for all students (CDC, 2013, p. 12)

Source: 2015, SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators  

Textbooks and Reading Materials:

 SPARKuniversity is a robust digital library of expert selected content from the popular SPARK physical education manuals – and a source of evidence-based learning tools created especially for majors and generalists. SPARK was chosen as a "Selected School-Based Intervention" in the report Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance (Links to an external site.) by the National Academy of Sciences SPARK was identified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a national model for programs designed to increase physical activity and combat childhood obesity in their report School-Based Physical Education: An Action Guide. (Links to an external site.) Published by School Specialty.

Essentials of Teaching Physical Education With Web Resource 

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment by SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators.

 Class Participation:

As class sessions involve laboratory experiences that cannot be replicated, attendance and active participation are imperative. Students are expected to: attend each class (and stay for the duration), arrive on time and dressed for movement and be ready and willing to participate in class discussions and activities. Most of the course activities are posted on the course blog:

Weekly Schedule

You can also observe and assist with the games and activities with Edison students as a practicum

  • Week 01: Workout Partners Creating an atmosphere of cooperation and inclusion. Spark K-2 - ASAP- Warmups and Recess Activities
  • Week 02: Beanbags/Ball Frenzy  Beanbag activities are recommended for K-2 students. Ball Frenzy is a two team game that can be adapted for Grades:1-5 Spark 3/4/5- ASAP- Warmups and Recess Activities
  • Week 03: Ball Activities The skills of passing, catching and throwing are emphasized. 
  • Week 04. Hula Hoop Activities Hula hoops can be adapted for a range of activities including warmups and w wild game we call "Hoop d'jour" 
    • Introduction to Spark Peer Teaching - Students in EDST 440  will sign up to teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 05. Take A Chance This game can be adapted for Grades: 1-5. 
    • Spark Peer Teaching Students in EDST 440  will teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 06. Scooters Learn how to use our special three wheeled scooters that can be used by students of all ability levels.  
    • Spark Peer Teaching Students in EDST 440  will teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 07. Balloons/Jump Ropes Balloons create a unique focus for students and are suited for all ability levels. The jump rope activity called "school" is one that every teacher can do with their class using a long rope attached to a fence on the playground or a pole in the gym.  
    • Spark Peer Teaching Students in EDST 440 teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 08. Field Day/Project Adventure Learn about field day activities that we use on the Edison field day in June. During the spring class this can be a practicum opportunity for you. 
    • Spark Peer Teaching: Students in EDST 440 teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 09. Flying Disc/Popcorn Project Adventure activities were developed by the same people who created Outward Bound.
    • Spark Peer Teaching: Students in EDST 440 will teach their classmates during our Friday class. 
  • Week 10: Cooperative Activities
    • Spark Peer Teaching: Students in EDST 440  will teach their classmates during our Friday class
  • The annual Ocean Week at Edison includes parachute games and activities. 

 Grade Policy:

  • 130 - 150 Points = A
  • 120 - 129 Points = B
  • 110 - 119 Points = C
  • 100 - 109 Points = C-
  • Below 99 Points  = Incomplete or Failing

Maximum Grade: A Must have perfect attendance for an A

 Grading Parameters:

  • Class Attendance: 50 Points (5 points per class) (Must sign in and out for each class and complete all in-class assignments ).
  • Class Participation and Assignments: 50 Points (5 points per class) 100% participation in all activities. Completion of all in-class assignments. 
  • Peer Teaching:10 points Teach one lesson/activity in class with Spark Curriculum. Complete a written test/essay for 10 points on Canvas.
  • Edison P.E. Yoga or Recess with Frank 10 Points Complete two practicums for a length of one hour each. You can complete all of these assignments at Edison or at another elementary school. At Edison, you have the option of visiting a P.E. class, Yoga, or Lunch/Recess activities with Frank. Complete a written test/essay for each practicum for 10 points each on Canvas.
  • Missed Class Practicum: 10 Points: One hour of P.E., Yoga, or Recess activities followed by a written test/essay on Canvas. Note: Teacher permission required.
  • Total Points Possible: 130 Points Absences for any reason result in a loss of 10 points. 

Practicum Options:

Students in this class are required to complete two practicums that will allow for observing/assisting in P.E. activities/sessions in an elementary school setting. There are a number of different days, times and a variety of activities to chose from to complete the required practicums. Practicums are complete when the test/essay is entered on Canvas.

  • Option 1. Lunch Recess Practicum: On Thursdays and Fridays, Frank will be running activities in the gym for 1st - 5th grades from 11:30 - 12:30. This will allow UO students the opportunity to observe, assist and participate in the same activities that they learned about during the Friday classes. Complete a written test/essay on Canvas for each 1 hour practicum.
  • Option 2. P.E. Class practicum: P.E. Classes at Edison are taught by Rachel Farkas (Oregon P.E. Teacher of the Year!). She teaches on Monday and Tuesday staring at 8:30 and ending at 2:45. Complete a written test/essay on Canvas after completion. Rachel's email:  
  • Option 3. Yoga Practicum: Debra Gelzer leads all of Edison’s classes with yoga on Wednesdays from 8:30 - 1:15. This is a unique opportunity to see how yoga can be introduced to elementary students as young as Kindergarten. Check Canvas for specific times. Complete a written test/essay on Canvas for each practicum. Debra's email:
  •  Physical Literacy Practicum with Bev Smith. Complete this one practicum for a total of 30 points. Physical Literacy Google Docs Flyer
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays at Cesar Chavez Elementary located at 1510 W. 14th Ave, Eugene OR 97402
      Dates: TBA
    • 2:15 – 3:30
    • 1st – 3rd Grades
    • Cesar Chavez is located at 1510 W 14th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Student Engagement Inventory

 Educational activity

Hours student engaged

  Explanatory comments (if any):

 Course attendance



 Assigned readings






 Writing assignments



 Lab or workshop



 Field work, experience



 Online interaction



 Total hours:




Expected classroom behavior:

  • Participating in class activities
  • Respecting the diversity of cultures, opinions, viewpoints in the classroom
  • Listening to fellow students, professors, and lecturers with respect
  • Arriving on time, prepared for class
  • Attending for the duration of class; not reading other materials
  • Several options, both informal and formal are available to resolve conflicts for students who believe they have been subjected to or have witnessed bias, unfairness or other improper treatment. Within the College of Education, contact the COE Ombudsperson at /ombudsman Racist, homophobic, sexist, and other disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.    

 Diversity: It is the policy of the University of Oregon to support and value diversity. To do so requires that we:

  • respect the dignity and essential worth of all individuals.
  • promote a culture of respect throughout the University community.
  • respect the privacy, property, and freedom of others.
  • reject bigotry, discrimination, violence, or intimidation of any kind.
  • practice personal and academic integrity and expect it from others.
  • promote the diversity of opinions, ideas and backgrounds which is the lifeblood of the university.

 Recommended Course Materials: Spark K-5 Online PE Program


Course Summary:

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